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Disclaimer Form

I understand that Footloose is a group of individuals who come together solely for the purpose of arranging walks and associated social activities on a personal and voluntary basis.

I further understand that by choosing to join any group activity, I do so entirely at my own risk and in full knowledge that I am solely responsible for my own safety at all times.  I accept that any decision on which route to take or whether to continue or discontinue any walk is entirely my own choice made in the circumstances prevailing at the time, even if based on recommendations of a group leader which I am completely at liberty to disregard. 

I understand and accept that Footloose as a group, and the individuals that from time to time volunteer to organize group activities, bear no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any incidents or accidents and their possible consequences to those who choose to join the activities.

I have read the Footloose Membership Leaflet that outlines the personal responsibility of all individuals in terms of their walking equipment and the need to keep it in good condition at all times.  I understand this completely and agree to follow it.

As a group, Footloose will endeavour to promote safe practice on walks on all occasions, having regard to the conditions prevailing at any particular time.  All group participants have a collective responsibility to ensure this happens. Walk leaders will explain the nature of every walk before it commences but participation is a personal decision.

I have read and fully understand this disclaimer note and the Footloose Members Leaflet outlining my responsibilities.  I accept my responsibilities and agree that no claim of any nature can or will be made against the Group for any of the activities.


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